I have reached a point in life, at which I have to think about where the wind should carry me. is a kind of meditation for me and a new path, that I will take on my journey through art.

By the way, the numbers of the artworks = my working hours.

I used DIN A2 and A3 paper (white, 180g/m2)  and pens (0,1mm and 0,3mm) of edding, black
owl_web.png No°29 Owl|DIN A2
gazelle_web.png No°49 Gazelle|DIN A2
Dot.Art No°20 Giraffe and Gum|DIN A3
Dot.Art No°76 Elephant|DIN A2
Where the fox and the hare bid each other goodnight.|DIN A3
Dotart_no55 No°55 |DIN A2
No41_Thi__ No°41|DIN A2
Dotart_no42 No°42 | DIN A2

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