When I graduated university, I felt a little bit lost. is a kind of meditation for me and a new path that I am taking on my journey through art. I’ve started with dotting people. But with no faces. The focus should be on the movement of the clothes, which are pushed along by wind or water. That was how I felt – I had reached a point in life at which I have to think about where the wind/water should carry me.

So lately, I’ve been falling in love with details more and more. Dot, dot, dot until the big picture emerges. I love to play with the light, so that’s why I’m staying with black and white. The focus is on the details, movement, and composition. The reason why I’ve decided to dot animals is that I’m always looking for inner peace. I’m spending a lot of time on an artwork. And of course, I’m thinking about a lot of things while doing this. And I found out about myself that I feel more peace and happiness by dotting animals, because in nature, there is no good and evil. Everything is as it should be. It’s pure and it’s natural.

I hope to spread more love and peace through my artwork.

By the way, the numbers I have written on the artworks are the amount of hours I’ve spent working on each piece.

I used DIN A2 and A3 paper and A4 (white, 180g/m2)  and fineliner  (0,1mm and 0,3mm) of Faber-Castell, black


Snail Planet | DIN A4
I believe I can fly – Penguins | DIN A4
Panda | DIN A4
Mr. Mole | DIN A4
You feel me – Koala  | DIN A4
Lion King | 100 x 150 cm 
chetaah_baby_rahmen No°19- Baby Cheetah Running | DIN A3
vito_chetaah_hunting_fawn No°37- Cheetah hunting fawn | DIN A2
Hippo_Gerahmt No°42- Diving Hippo | DIN A2
owl_web No°29 – Owl | DIN A2
Dot.Art No°20 Giraffe and Gum|DIN A3
Dot.Art No°76 Elephant|DIN A2
where_the_fox_and_hare_bid_each_other_good_night_thi No°25 Where the fox and hare bid each other good night |DIN A2
Dotart_no55 No°55 |DIN A2
No41_Thi__ No°41|DIN A2
Dotart_no42 No°42 | DIN A2

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