Battle of Social Media

Battle of Social Media – Digital Painting, 2021
‘Battle of Social Media’ – my homage to Leonardo da Vinci’s unfinished color painting: ‘Battle of Anghiari.’
A version of our time period.

My job is to fight the battles for my clients.
So, if you need a freelancer illustrator in your row – don’t hesitate to message me. 

Hope you enjoy my portfolio.

Cover and Article Illustrations – All about Money

My Illustrations made it on the cover and 5 more on articles. Click here to see more.

Pointillism meets GINbildschirmfoto-2018-05-16-um-10-58-19-e1526462162919.png

“The Next Big Bang Thing – Schrödinger’s Katzen Gin”.
I dotted my cat for Heidelberg Spirit….read more here.


Coffee Cup Stories


My Illustrations made it on the cover and 5 more on articles. Click here to see more.

Aquarelle Ballerina

Aquarelle Ballerina is a series made with aquarelle and Polychromos pencils. How I got the idea for this series: A good friend of mine was visiting me


Classics: Pencil on Paper

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