aquarelle ballerina

aquarelle ballerina is a series made with aquarelle and Polychromos pencils.


How I got the idea for this series:
A good friend of mine was visiting me. Every time he came to visit he would take pictures of my two cacti on the sill. During his last visit, he took a picture of my “Ballerina Cactus”. The rest of the story can be seen here 🙂

Ballerinas are delicate and strong at the same time. It was fun to refine the muscles. The lightness is supported with the help of aquarelle while the contrast is supported with Polychromos.

With the graphic element in the background, I wanted to underline the movement of the ballerina.

Tools: Aquarelle, Polychromos pencils, Photoshop

aquarelle ballerina 01


aquarelle ballerina 02



aquarelle ballerina 03



aquarelle ballerina 04


aquarelle ballerina 05


aquarelle ballerina 06



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